In Ornella Franchi since 1978, we have always believed and worked towards sustainable development, that congregates the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That’s why we have always work by having an equilibrium between social environmental and economic growth.

Currently, we work for different social and environmental initiates, but we are constantly researching and developing new strategies to implement.

Social Impact

1. We ensure fair labor conditions to our workers and stakeholders,75% of them are females.

2. We work towards gender equality and equal pay, as a foundation for a prosperous and sustainable world.

3. We work with traditional Colombian artisans. By supporting disadvantaged and marginalized populations, we promote equality in our country.

4. We preserve the knowledge and heritage of artisans while taking advantage of forefront technologies and machines that produce more sustainable garments. We design our garments by mixing industrial techniques and handmade techniques.


 Environmental impact

 Sustainable materials

We strongly believe in responsible consumption and production. Since launching, we have only used 90% natural and biodegradable yarns.

Currently, our garments are 100% cotton knit. We are also beginning to incorporate recycled materials. 35% of our last collection was knit in a yarn made by a classic blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton and post-consumer RPET bottles. We are in a constant exploration of sustainable materials.


 The recovery yarns, that we use has the following certificates:

GHG Emissions 

1.     We work with local suppliers, in order to reduce the carbon footprint, so we don’t have to transport the manufacturing supplies or finish garments.

Circular Economy

1.     We use high tech manufacturing machines, that help us to reduce the leftovers in a 90% The 10% of leftovers, we use it to create accessories.

2.     Repair service: We want you to help you to take care of your OF Garment.

OF garments, are unique, timeless knitwear pieces that will last you a lifetime, but if you happen to have an accident, we can help you to repair it, for free, so they actually last forever.

By helping you to preserve your OF garments we are helping the planet, to reduce the waste of clothing.
By helping you to preserve your OF garments, we are also helping you to reduce the purchase of new garments and helping the planet to reduce the production of new clothing, reducing the carbon footprint and saving water

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