Franchi e Punto is a brand founded by designer Luciana Valencia. She was born and raised around knitting machines, fiber cones and buttons of her mother’s knitting factory which was founded in 1978. Unconsciously, Luciana awakened her a passion for knitting and taking any design to be a reality with a technique that mixes industrial and manual processes.

Guided by her mother’s experience with more than 45 years of work, Luciana absorbed all that knowledge over the years, allowing her to capture that experience in the quality of her garments. Thus, continuing with the family tradition, adapting and taking the brand to new generations.

The passion for knitting keeps them united and working together for the same purpose. Taking knitting to another level.

Franchi e Punto is a brand born from the roots of Ornella Franchi. The brand originally founded by her mother María Cecilia Mercado. A brand that is easily recognized for its leading and unique prints, quality, comfort and softness for each of its garments. Making a perfect mix between feeling and looking good. Like a light garment with great thermal flexibility and a versatile look. Creating multipurpose and multi-event garments that will always give you something to talk about.

  • Franchi e Punto has put a great effort into working for a better planet while at the same time seeking a more equitable social and economic development that allows to improve the quality of life on the planet.